Our mission

Technology is a strategic tool in the hands of businesses. Whatever the challenges you face, we help you bring your projects to life, and improve your business processes.

Our approach

As an IT partner, we help you assess your needs and find the best and most efficient solutions. Our flexible approach allows us to work with your resources, to bring you to your full numeric potential.

We study your stakes and settings, to shape tight-fitting solutions. We simplify the technology by putting our expertise at your disposal, at every step of your evolution.

Our Services

Software development

You want to make a new web or mobile application, improve your software or boost their efficiency. We can help youmake a product of the highest quality!

Analysis and architecture

You need a strategy and a plan matching your needs, to build a project that integrates with your business processes. We can design architectures that fulfill complex needs involving muliple systems, and this for small or large businesses.

System improvement and maintenance

You want to have continuous access to your IT systems' potential. We can offer you maintenance and improvement infrastructures to preserve their quality, performance and compliance.


You want to use your data and ensure communication between your systems, while catering for the incumbent aspects (security, authentication, error handling, intercommunication, etc.). We have the expertise you need!


You want to ensure that the quality of your software (web, mobile, cloud) is top notch. We can automate your tests, and thus reduce recurring costs due to regressions.


Google Cloud

And many more...


Blaise Laflamme
CTO P2L Technologies

For their work methodology and efficiency, Kovaro has quickly become a trusted partner.

Éric Bilodeau
Board member Interplex

Thanks to Kovaro and their IT expertise, we were able to launch a customized e-commerce solution, within the agreed deadlines.

Unleash your digital potential!